A lovely write up and tribute about the work HDCare is doing for the Huntington’s community on Huff Post by Don C. Reed, titled: Benefit #4 (of 71) of the California Stem Cell Program: CHALLENGING HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE

Imagine if you went home from work and found one of your family members—your wife, husband, maybe your child—changing into somebody else?

Sound like one of those 1950’s monster movies, “I Married a Monster from Outer Space”? Unfortunately, this is grim reality.

This year, one in ten thousand Americans will be diagnosed with Huntington’s disease (HD), one of the most vicious conditions imaginable.

Emotionally, physically, and mentally, Huntington’s disease changes people, and not for the better. Depression, loss of muscle control, even “forgetting” how to swallow: these are marks of the devastating brain disease. It is a slow death, perhaps 15-20 years of suffering, but it is, right now, unstoppable.