At the age of 35, Scott Bradley tested positive for Huntington’s Disease. Soon after, Scott’s four year old son, Matthew, began showing symptoms and was diagnosed with Juvenile HD.  When he was six years old Matthew lost his brave battle with HD.  Scott’s symptoms have progressed but he remains optimistic and continues to share his story to raise HD awareness.


When Stephany was only ten years old, she lost her beloved father to the effects of Huntington's disease. Stephany learned in January 2017, at the age of 26, that she inherited the fatal HD gene. Stephany had worked diligently for many years in order to graduate from Loma Linda University with her degree in diagnostic sonography. Due to Stephany's HD symptoms, she is no longer able to work in this cognitively and physically demanding field. Stephany is doing her best to stay positive and enjoys being proactive by raising awareness for HD through various social media platforms. Stephany remains steadfast in her hope that a treatment or cure will be available in the near future.


Janet inherited the Huntington’s Disease gene from her late father.  She was diagnosed with HD at age 61 and although Janet is fully HD symptomatic, she firmly believes she will be the first person cured of HD in Orange County, California.  Janet’s two adult children and seven grandchildren are all “at risk” of inheriting HD.


Shana Martin is a world champion lumberjack athlete, fitness competitor, model, personal trainer, business owner and “at risk” for Huntington’s Disease. Her mother succumbed to HD in 2013 and Shana advocates for HD education. Shana tested negative in 2014 and is now married with a healthy baby!


Griselda Barbosa was the recipient of the first HD-CARE Champion Award on August 17, 2016.  Griselda has been a Champion for the HD community since the father of her children was diagnosed with HD.  Her son, Christian, and her grandson, Sebastian also inherited HD.  Sebastian passed away from Juvenile HD at the age of 16, but before passing away, he served as the HDSA-Orange County Jr. Ambassador.  Griselda became relentless in advocating for support of HD research.  She continued caring for her son, Christian, now in the late stages of HD.



A happy, generous and enterprising entrepreneur, Michael aspired to become a chef and open his own restaurant. He also desired to raise a big family but, at age 26, he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and ruthlessly robbed of his dreams. On September 24, 2017 Michael Diaz Portillo passed away after a 17-year battle with Huntington's disease (HD).  


Margie was once a talented, vibrant young woman with a background in acting and modeling until seized by Huntington’s Disease.  HD took its physical toll on Margie, but it never shook her faith. She fought the good fight, she finished the race, and she kept the faith for a cure in time for her two children who are now “at risk” for inheriting the fatal gene.


Marie presented warning signs at an early age and was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease at age 18.  She did not let the effects of HD stop her from embracing life and even attending college.  She was a sweet and gentle spirit and friends nicknamed her ‘Snow White. Marie was an ambassador for HD awareness until she succumbed to the disease at age 32.


“Let’s not take life for granted,” is Ann Tillery’s personal motto. After a 20 year struggle, Ann recently lost her beautiful, fun-loving mother to Huntington’s Disease. Her sister, as well as her uncle, are currently battling HD. Ann volunteers extensively within the HD community and hopes to see the disease eradicated in her lifetime.


Chris lost his mother to Huntington’s Disease and he now lives “at risk” for inheriting HD. He hopes for a treatment or cure so his children will live in an HD free world.